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VETTE is a pop/alt-pop songwriter and singer from Oshkosh, Wisconsin and a recent transplant to Los Angeles. She graduated from Georgetown University and then attended the Berklee College of Music where she studied as a vocalist and songwriter, led her own band and wrote and recorded the songs for her first EP, "VETTE". Following Berklee, Ms. Vette spent a stint in Nashville, TN, where she wrote the songs for her second EP, "Wonderlust".

An evolution from the attitude of her electronic influenced "VETTE" EP (2007), "Wonderlust" floats along on a tranquil sea (with a few stormy moments of exception), reflecting the influence of a mellow tone that slipped beneath the artist's skin while living in Nashville. While the word Nashville may stir up certain stylistic expectations, these songs don't speak to Southern culture or country music; but more to the authenticity found in so many of its musicians.

Commercially, several of her songs have received awards on Garageband.com -- most notably Bound, an alt-pop song from the debut EP, "VETTE", which has won "Track of the Day", "Track of the Week", "Best Female Vocals", "Best Lyrics", "Best Melody", "Rocking Track", and topped the alternative pop song charts at 9 in January of 2008. The song, "Lost" off of "Wonderlust", has already received Garageband.com awards with "Track of the Day" and "Best Female Vocals" twice, in alt-pop in December 2008.

VETTE lives in LA, and is currently seeking radio play and film/TV placements for her Low Cut Records' projects. She is also working on a new album as well as a pop project with cowriter/producer Mark Byers. The "VETTE" and "Wonderlust" EPs can be purchased via Paypal on VETTE's myspace page (www.myspace.com/vettemusic) and also found on iTunes, CD Baby, Rhapsody, Amie Street, eMusic and all popular online music retailers.