Many people tend to start their biographies by talking about who they are. I think I¿d rather talk about who I¿m not: I¿m not a singer, I¿m not a rapper, and I don¿t like being referred to as a producer (at least not in the context that the hip-hop community uses it). I¿m not the next [insert name here], and I am NOT a beatmaker.

So with that said, who am I? I¿m a twentysomething New York native who currently resides in Florida and loves to create. I truly believe that music is a universal language, and I put together tunes that speak to everyone. My biggest influences come from hip hop, jazz, and video game music, all of which shine through in my own music. I also make my services available to those who either need music for media or instrumentals to sing or rap over (for a reasonable price, of course) ¿ see the Business section of my site for more information.

I am also the founder of independent record label Urbanizm Music. Along with my fellow UM labelmates, we are working toward bringing a focus on music back to the music business, and carving out our own little niche in the ¿industry.¿ I currently play the role of Urbanizm¿s CEO, manager, publicist, booking agent, and almost anything else you can think of. More info on Urbanizm may be found at