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Based in Los Angeles, California Olio features Arif on vocals and lead guitar. A truly gifted musician who's songwriting and guitar work is unmatched by most in the industry. He is also a wonderful t.v./film composer which gives expansive depth to this amazing trio.

DeHaven, featured on drums and vocals, is all about playing in the pocket. Oh and by the way, he sings his ass off too!! He's one of the most talented cats you'll ever know. He knows what do to and when to do it. On stage his energy is incredible and he's a true showman.

Then there is Bassist Matt Sherrell. As accomplished as you can get. Pocket and strength of groove is undeniable. Originally from ChiTown, he has brought his funkiness to L.A and specifically to Olio.

We grew up playing everything from Metal to R&B, and developed this in your face style, which provides the solid foundation for Olio's natural rhythmic charisma.