My profile picture was taken a long time ago, but it's who I feel I still am on the inside.

I was shaped in various ways by the late 60s, but I'm not stuck in them. For example, I *love* beautiful homes--and obviously, nice ones can cost quite a bit of money. Still, I'll take an attractive, lovingly cared for bungalow over a big tacky McMansion any day.

I also care about creating a nurturant environment in other ways, like human scaling. For pretty much the same reasons that I don't like streets full of nothing but big-box stores, I also don't like gigantism of scale in any other field of human endeavor--particularly not the creative ones. I don't think it's healthy to have a system based on just a few megastar writers and musicians, with everybody else considered nobodies. I think we're already way too much of a celebritocracy.

I guess that's why I take so much satisfaction from playing even a small role in helping discover and nurture non-celebrities on the Internet.