How to participate in Pinpointer
You can start helping Pinpointer fulfill its mission just by using it. Explore the content, and when you find things you like, add your own Thumbs Up. (You'll be prompted to log in, but you can just do this via Facebook. If you'd like a Pinpointer-specific ID, click Contact, then Request User ID.)
You'll help us more if, when you give content you like a Thumbs Up, you also click to add a Facebook "share." In addition to recommending specific songs, sharing the overall Pinpointer home page will also be a big help.
Adding good content to Pinpointer will be an even bigger help. It's just a matter of clicking My Recommendations, indicating what type of content you want to add, then copying and pasting in the content's URL and adding a bit of identifying information. (Please link to individual songs or articles, rather than albums or other types of collections.) It's fine to add your own material, but please don't add links to things in the mass media that people are already familiar with.
You can do the most good if you not only know of interesting independent content, but also have a web site of your own that people visit to learn about it—for example, if you're a local music blogger. By establishing links to good songs from your own local bands, you'll enable bloggers in other places to share this music with their followers. While you're at it, treat your own followers to recommendations of songs from other places.
Add a link to your blog in your Pinpointer profile page, and you can gain new followers outside your current geographic range. Also, don't forget to get a personal recommendations gallery from Pinpointer, and link to it from your blog. The gallery has a built-in suite of content discovery tools that enable your followers to go straight to whatever kind of music you've recommended that they're most interested in at the moment—without having to scroll backwards in time through every word you've ever posted.
However you're able to participate, welcome!