You could help remake the way the world treats creative people. (Seriously.)
The current systems for disseminating music, writing, and other forms of creative content were broken long before the Internet came along.
They excluded far too many capable people. Everyone's heard tales of publishers rejecting writers who turned out to be enormous successes, or record labels refusing to even listen to the demos of people with major musical talent.
Even the fortunate few artists these traditional media companies did accept barely shared at all in the financial rewards of their creations. Musicians in particular have made next to nothing from their record sales, and depended on ceaseless touring for their real income.
Pinpointer can help many more talented content creators reach people who will appreciate their work. It will also give them a substantially bigger share of the money this generates than traditional media companies allow. At the same time, consumers will get more material that truly suits their tastes. It's a win for everybody—except, of course, for less efficient, more exploitive traditional players in the field. There doesn't appear to be any good reason why Pinpointer can't replace them.
But we don't have to completely overthrow the old order to do a significant amount of good.