Surfacing the good stuff: advanced social content curation
Pinpointer is actually quite a bit more than a vision. It's a sophisticated system built to replace the limited numbers of content evaluators that traditional businesses like publishing houses and record labels use (the ones who are too swamped to read your manuscript or listen to your demo) with a limitless number of independent taste mavens actively beating the bushes for good material.
It's been designed from the ground up to solve problems that previous sites for independent content haven't even considered.
Among these:
  • How to ensure that our content recommenders exercise useful judgment and taste, rather than just recommending every new song they find in a race to be considered the "discoverer."
  • How to draw DJs, big-name critics, and other respected taste mavens into the endeavor in a way that compensates them appropriately for the drawing power of their names, while also:
    • Providing a viable path for currently lesser-known taste mavens to build their own reputations, and
    • Rewarding them fairly for their work in identifying good music regardless of whether they ever become well-known to the general public.
The result of recognizing and addressing these issues is a system that tracks and rewards the actual value each recommendation has added to our core functions of discovering genuinely good content and letting people know it's out there.This enables Pinpointer to foster an unusually high degree of mutually-beneficial collaboration among people who seldom know one another.