Establishing a new item on Pinpointer is just a matter of pasting in its URL, adding a bit of identifying information, and selecting the categories you want to recommend the item under.

Your recommendations become easy to find—no matter when you made them.

Other services make it hard to find your recommendations once time passes.

Most social content curation tools—and even most blogs—present all your recommendations in a single, undifferentiated lump, where:
  • If people choose you, they can't indicate anything about the type of content they'd like.
  • People may also have to wade back in reverse chronological order through everything you've ever posted—whether or not it contained a link to an online content item.

Pinpointer enables people to go straight to what they want.

When you add your recommendations to Pinpointer, they're supported by a rich set of content discovery tools that keep them as easy to find as the day you posted them. Among the ways people can access your picks are:
  • By content type (for example, "Music You Can't Hear in a Stadium (Yet)" or "Writing That's Not for Supermarket Magazines")
  • By meta-subject (e.g., "Under-Remarked Trends, Developments & Issues" or "Glimpses into the World's Workings")
  • By attitude or approach (from "Tests of Whether You Snort When You Laugh" to "Music You've Got to Move To")

Pinpointer gives you your own free, dedicated personal recommendations gallery.

  • It has its own unique URL.
  • You link to it from the other sites where you recommend content.
  • It has a built-in suite of content discovery tools.
  • Clicking this link gives people a convenient way to enjoy the cumulative set of all your recommendations—regardless of when you made them, or where.

Already have a blog?

Use Pinpointer to boost your online presence.

Say you're a music blogger in a small to medium-sized city. You almost undoubtedly know of some good songs by local bands, but how can you bring these to the attention of people outside your existing followers?
  • Establish links to your local bands' songs on Pinpointer, so that bloggers from other areas can notice them and recommend them to their followers.
  • Don't forget to look for good tracks on Pinpointer by independent bands from other areas that you can recommend to your own followers.
  • Also remember to establish links from Pinpointer to your blog, and/or any specific pieces of your writing that you want people outside your current group of followers to see.